Mar 9, 2009

Yahoo's Suggests Keywords for Your Ads

Advertisers Using Yahoo Search Marketing Should Take Note 
Yahoo Search Marketing is offering a plethora of keyword suggestion options for its advertisers. They say these keywords hold considerable search volume but typically fewer advertisers than others. 
The company's post talking about this is likely a ploy to get advertisers to spend more money bidding on keywords, but even still there might be some good ones in there you haven't considered. They have downloadable PDFs and Excel documents full of such keywords in the following industries: 
Financial Service
Home Improvement
Lega Services
Wireless Services
If your business is included in any of these, the Add Keywords Tool in your Yahoo Search Marketing Account can help you find more keywords as well. To access this: 
1. Go to your Ad Group Details page
2. Click on "Add Keywords"
3. Select "Quick Add," "Choose from List," or "Research Keywords."
The Add Keywords tool is the replacement for the Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool. Yahoo Search Marketing's forecasting tool is also something to keep in mind.


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