Apr 21, 2009

Google Launches API for Google Analytics

Developers Get to Dig In

Google as announced the release of an API for Google Analytics. This means developers will be able to do all kinds of fun stuff with the program. 

"Large organizations and agencies now have a standardized platform for integrating Analytics data with their own business data," saysGoogle's Nick Mihailovski. "Developers can integrate Google Analytics into their existing products and create standalone applications that they sell. Users could see snapshots of their Analytics data in developer created dashboards and gadgets. Individuals and business owners will have opportunities to access their Google Analytics information in a variety of new ways."

The Google Analytics Developer Site has numerous examples of what non-Google developers are doing with it. Google does note that it doesn't vouch for performance of any o the apps using it. 

Analytics API Example from Axiom

Google suggests using the following three resources when beginning to develop using the Google Analytics API:

The documentation at Google Code
the Google Analytics API Notify email group
the Google Analytics APIs Group

For more details about how the API works, you can read this blog post from Google about it. It's going to be very interesting to see where developers take Google Analytics now.


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