Apr 5, 2009

Yahoo Monitors Twitter From the Sideline

Yahoo has released a desktop application for searching and real time monitoring of Twitter. Called Sideline, the app was built on the Adobe AIR platform and is a open source.
Sideline Search
Sideline allows users to create and group custom queries by topics. In essence, if you want to see what people are saying about AIG at this very moment, you can set it up to bring only those tweets up. The interface presents the different terms/queries in a pretty easy to understand tabbed format.

The search function is really interesting because of all the options it offer. Unlike what the search world has become accustomed to—a single search bar—the Sideline search function is both retro and new. 

It offers to find tweets based on all of the words in a query, the exact phrase, any instance of particular words, or without particular words, but also it allows the searcher to search only tweets from a particular person or to a particular person, any tweets referencing that Twitter user. It also lets users search for attitudes related to the query, as expressed by smiling or frowning emoticons.

Sideline Screenshot

This little Yahoo side project might just turn out to be something very useful and popular, especially among the reputation management crowd.    


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