May 2, 2009

Banner Adverts - Reach The Right Audience

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reach your audienceBanner adverts are the graphical images that you see promoting goods and services on websites. They come in various different shapes and sizes, static or animated. The most common sizes of banner advert are 468 x 60 - which are the horizontal rectangles usually found at the top of the page or 160 x 600 which are herwise known as Wide kyscrapers and are the long rectangles that you see down the side of pages. Other sizes include 120 x 60 which are the smaller rectangular buttons and - 125 x 125 - which are larger squarer buttons.


Banners are a very good way of using the internet to raise brand awareness and if they are targeted properly can also produce good click through rates. It should be noted however that average click through rates tend to hover around the 0.1 % (or 1 in 1000) and thus banner advertising is not necessarily the best way to produce direct responses. This is because the less well targeted run of site campaigns bring average click through rates right down. Banners are however a very good way to get a brand noticed and as the internet evolves with the use of video and clever animation it is becoming a better and better form of advertising.

Banner advertising campaigns can be used effectively either on their own or alongside other forms of media activity to bring increased awareness to the advertiser. The more targeted the banner advertising is the better results it is likely to produce.

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