May 2, 2009

Become an author

Are you an article writer? Want to become an author?
We now open an opportunity to you to write an article for us on latest search engines marketing strategic, & technologies. Your article will be published with your name and with your own website.
Writing rules:
1. Article must be in english written.
2. Article must be related, SEO, SEM, and relevant search engines technology.
3. Article must be your own, not duplicated from other website.
4. You at least have worked 2 years on SEO, SEM, PPC etc.
5. Do not spamming articles, as  all article(s)  reading carefuly then published.
Follow these rules and send us your article(s) with these details.
1) Author's name:
2) Author's country
3) Author's website
4) Author's email address (Will not show)
5) If you have a passport size pic then send us, we will adjust ourselves. (optional)
We are waiting, what are you sayings?
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Become an author 


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