May 16, 2009

Google Launches Recommendation Gadget for Friend Connect

Let Users Vote on Content on Your Site

Google has introduced some recommendations gadgets for Google Friend Connect. Site owners with Google Friend Connect enabled can now recommend content they like to other users.

Google Recommendation Gadget for Friend Connect

"Members can recommend the content they like, anything from a whole page to a single photo, by simply clicking a button," explains Mendel Chuang, Product Marketing Manager, Google Friend Connect. "Then you and anyone who visits your site can see what parts of your site are the most popular. The items with the most votes will surface to the top of the list, making it easier for others to find even if it's buried deep within your site. You can even see which members have recommended a given item and learn more about them."

Google has set up a sample site here for you to get an idea of how it works. On this particular site for "City Photos" users have voted on specific photos which appear in the gadget under the heading "Recommended Photos."

Chuang notes that there is a session called "Google Friend Connect Gadgets: Best Practices in Code and Interaction Design" at Google I/O on May 27th that developers looking to build gadgets can attend. To get gadgets including the one discussed here, simply go


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