Aug 25, 2009

Effective Link Building for SEO

As a widely used activity in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), link building is considered one of the essential factors to help make SEO effective. It involves the generation of links, whether through, but not limited to blog and forum posting and directory submission.

The establishment of several inbound links leading to your main website can help your pages being ranked higher in search engines, depending on the keywords you are optimized for. One-way links are much more helpful in boosting your page rank than reciprocal or multi-way links.

A website’s targeted traffic is a main consideration before starting link building activities. It determines where you want to place the links leading to your website to ensure that you will fetch users that are highly interested in your products or services. The more relevant traffic you drive in, the more chances of your profits to be increasing.

As mentioned above, the most effective link building is by establishing one-way links directing to your website. It is an inbound link pointing only to one direction. Thus, it is given the highest recognition by search engine bots in defining the relevance of your pages. One-way links can be built by sending articles related to your site to article directories and content sites, many of which can be found online.

Another method of link building is through multi-way linking, which entails the creation of several non-reciprocal links among at least three partner websites. The links only go one-way. Other ways of building links include posting videos, images, or RSS feeds on your partner sites.

A website owner can embark on a link campaign with the help of professional SEO services. Such companies offer to do your link building campaign for you at specific rates. Professional link building services usually offer to increase the relevance of your web pages through planting relevant and permanent inbound links pointing to your website.

Their activities include submission of articles to directory listings, submission to sites with high PR links, distribution of articles to article and blog sites, and social network listing. The main goal of link building is to help you reach your marketing goals by driving your targeted traffic back to your main website and allowing them to convert or take the course of action most profitable to your business. This means that your inbound links should be placed in sites related to yours, sites that preferably have high PR links.

However, you should avoid over linking, which means having too many hyperlinks. Search engine bots for main search engines such as Google and Yahoo can recognize whether or not certain links are relevant. They sense excessive links of a page and disregard them in determining your page rank.


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