Sep 1, 2009

Pay Per Click (PPC) management and advertising

We provide a fully comprehensive Pay Per Click search marketing service, including:

PPC Management and Campaign Planning

Choosing the right keywords for your PPC campaign is vital to get the most out of Pay Per Click advertising and generate high-quality, motivated traffic to your site. We are highly experienced in setting up PPC campaigns, from keyphrase research to budget projection.

As part of your pay per click (ppc) management, we constantly monitor your account to ensure that positions don't slip.

We also ensure that we get the best ROI for your business by advising of the right phrases to target. It's about attracting buyers not browsers!


Targeting the phrase "golf" - someone using this phrase could be searching for the latest model Volkswagen Golf, a second hand Volkswagen Golf, a shop selling golf clubs, a golf course in Edinburgh… the list is endless.

The secret of successful Pay Per Click campaign management and good ROI is to use as targeted phrases as possible. PPC Creatives

Pay Per Click advertisements have to be written to very strict guidelines. We are experts at working within these guidelines to produce tight, focussed copy that's proven to produce results.

Bid Management

Effective bid management is the key to maximising your revenue from a Pay Per Click marketing campaign while keeping expenditure down. As part of the Pay Per Click (PPC) management, we use a combination of manual and automated bid management techniques to ensure that you're getting the best possible placement for the lowest possible cost.


PPC tracking provides you with details of those people signing up as a result of your PPC advertising. This allows us to assess the effectiveness of your campaign and provides us with the detail to adjust your campaign appropriately.


Pay Per Click campaigns offer unprecedented levels of customer intelligence which we can use to assess what the strengths and weaknesses of your campaign are and adjust your campaign appropriately.

Pay Per Click Reporting

As part of the Pay Per Click (PPC) management, you are provided with detailed, comprehensive monthly reports so you can see exactly how each keyphrase in your campaign is performing. Reports include summaries of top performing phrases, conversion rates as well as advice on the best way forward. In addition, deeper analysis is provided for each phrase: no. of impressions, no. of clicks, average click through rate, average cost per click


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