Users simply need to sign in to their Checkout merchant account, go to the "Tools" tab, and click the "Promotions" link to create a promotion. Google says the process takes less than a minute. Users can specify the date and time they'd like the promotion to run, and choose from different dollar-off discounts to offer their buyers.

When you run a Google Checkout promotion, the standard Checkout button on your site will automatically update to display the discount amount and cart minimum. AdWords advertisers will also have their standard Checkout badge that appears on their ads change to show the same information.

"These promotional badges have been introduced to enable shoppers who search on to easily identify and take advantage of promotional offers," says Google Checkout Specialist Gina Del Vecchio.

"Checkout promotions are a great way to attract new buyers, and we're excited to make this functionality more widely available," she adds.

Google recently made changes to its content restrictions for Google Checkout. The service now allows the sale of real estate rentals, timeshares, and day sight-seeing tours. Google has just announced a couple of other things that people in real estate might find particularly useful. For one, they have expanded upon their real estate features on Google Maps. Secondly, they are now offering a new type of ad to allow for comparisons between offers.