Dec 30, 2009

Google Introduces keyboard shortcuts to access Search results – Accessibility Search

A few hours ago, Google introduced a new tool to its Labs – the Accessibility Search. This is an opt-in option where you can navigate through the Google SERPs just by using your keyboard. In Google’s words, this experiment is built using the basic functionality provided by W3C ARIA and Google-AxsJAX, an evolving set of HTML DOM properties that enable adaptive technologies to work better with AJAX-style applications.

Google says –
The Accessible View experiment is another step toward making our search results more accessible for everyone. In July 2006, we launched Accessible Search on Google Labs, where the goal was to help visually impaired users find content that worked well with adaptive technologies. We continue to refine and tune the ranking on Accessible Search. And with Accessible View, users can easily toggle between regular Google search results and Accessible Search results by using the ‘A’ and ‘W’ keys.

You can now use keyboard shortcuts to access the Google SERPs.
Here are the shortcuts

Key Behavior
j/k next/previous result
n/p next/previous result, scroll if necessary
enter open current result
up/down next/previous result
left/right switch categories (results, ads, refinements)
a jump to ads
A switch to Accessible Search results
W switch to default Google results
r jump to related searches

Find more info here, also try the tool here.

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