Dec 3, 2009

Try the new Google Interface, if you haven’t yet.

Rumours have it that Google is actually planning for another redesign of their homepage and the other subsidiaries. There are no official releases of this news yet but looks like many websites have already managed to get an inside look at the new Google redesign.

According to ArsTechnica and Google Blogoscoped, here’s the trick to “reveal” the new Google design. Go to homepage and replace the URL in the address bar with this code.

It should go in a single line. Now come back to Google and you should see the new Google design.

The whole thing legitimate to me. According to the new design, there is more smooth and rich color added to the logo, also the shadow gradient looks more sleek. There’s a major shift of focus towards the left navigation bar, where are the Google products get listed. You end up using most of them as they are more evident and grabs a lot of attention. There is an overall “blue shade” that appears predominantly over the search bar, the buttons and the navigation links, which is good.
How did you find the new Google redesign ?

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