Dec 23, 2009

Watch: Google Wave Shows Events of 2009

To say that 2009 has been the year of Google Wave might be a stretch. It was introduced this year, and invites have been sent out to quite a few people now. It has been the subject of a fair amount of discussion, but it hasn't reached the mainstream yet.

That said, 2009 was the year Google Wave was unleashed upon the world in its most primitive state. There is certainly a lot of potential for Wave, and we will no doubt see that more and more as time goes on if it truly does "catch on."

We have already seen some pretty cool things done with it. For example, the Google Wave Pulp Fiction video has already become something of a cult classic in the tech industry (contains strong language):

Another Google Wave video has surfaced, uploaded to YouTube by RockYourWhirled (via LifeHacker). It recaps the year with Google Wave. It fits in pretty well with the rest of the year-end discussion, and shows how Google Wave can be used to communicate ideas at the same time.

Google Wave was introduced back in May. You can view our coverage of the product from then until now by going here.

By Chris Crum


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