Jan 11, 2011

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Are you spending a hefty amount every month just to get referral traffic for your website? Thinking about getting the website promoted on the search engines through directory submissions or already paying it. You can now get it for free.

Submit your business with Diolt Business Directory is one of the fastest growing business directory. The website is also one of the fastest business directory in world wide web. By just listing your business in diolt pages, you can get huge exposure to potential customers for your business.

There are four plans like (Business Link, Featured, Regular & Free Listing). Business Link is just $100 cheapest plan for home & sub pages for one year. Featured link with 3 deep links just $40 life time listing, Non reciprocal regular link only $15 life time and also Free with reciprocal listing available.

Your business will start showing up on the search engines. After that your business will start showing up or every keyword searched by the user if your business is relevant to the searched keyword. For example, you own a restaurant in Surrey and the user is looking for the best restaurants in surrey, your website will show up. By putting an attractive tag line in the title, you can target the potential users can target them from sales pitch. It will allow you to reach very specific subsets of individuals based on their search preferences and interests. By just listing the website onto the Diolt business directory, the website will gain a lot of referral traffic. is one of the fastest growing website getting visibility on the search engines. So submit your business today!!!

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