Apr 22, 2011

Send us your article

We are now accepting articles, news, press release and product reviews. If you would like to send an article, news, HOW TO, Guide to us for publication, just simply Email US with your article along with a title for the article. You may also include your name or the author of the article’s name if you wish to have it published along with your article. If you would like to remain anonymous, then don’t include any name with your article. Please make sure your articles contain proper spelling and punctuation, as we will publish them as is. Try to keep your articles clean and semi-positive in nature (no complaining, inappropriate language, etc.) so that all people can enjoy your articles.
We will then publish your article on our site as soon as possible.

General rulse for article:

1) Articles must be at least 450 words (500-1000 is preferred, but at least 450 words)
2) Articles must be your own work and not copied in part or whole from any other site
3) Articles must be something that is not currently on any other site (ex. something that you write yourself that you haven’t already written for another Pokemon site, etc.
4) Articles must be informative. Something interesting to readers
5) Article should have a title (if not, I will add one)
6) Article should not repeat the same word many times (example: don’t say “Pokemon” 50 times in the article. try to change the wording a bit so it isn’t so repetitive.
7) Article should contain proper spelling and punctuation.

Press Release

We also accept press release and product review, that is paid. We will submit your press release to two websites Diolt, WoW Range & one blog. Also your press release will be bookmarked by us. Press release price just $50. Email us your press release or product review with your name, website, if you have image/photo/video..

We'r waiting for good news from you.

Email us

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