Jan 13, 2012

High-tech: what can we expect in 2012?

New technology is a world of perpetual revolution. The year 2012 is no exception to the rule with building products that have marked 2011 as the "ultrabooks" or touch pads. But 2012 should also be the year of breakthrough innovations such as Apple TV, flexible displays or payment by mobile phone.

Apple launches new products

Steve Jobs's death in October 2011 did not dampen the ambitions of the group. On the contrary, as three new products could emerge in 2012. First, the iPhone 5. Expected in autumn 2011, the latest phones from the Apple brand was the subject of the wildest rumors. It is finally an iPhone 4S, a slightly improved version of the iPhone 4, which was released, causing the disappointment of fans of Apple. This year could be good. BGR believes that the iPhone 5 will be equipped with a new rubber shell and aluminum, with a four-inch screen, slightly larger than the present. Its launch could take place in autumn 2012. Then the iPad 3. In late December, Digitimes reported that the third generation of the touch pad from Apple would be presented Jan. 26 at the next Macworld and available in two versions. The first entry-level, is equipped with a camera of 5 megapixels, and the second, more upscale, a sensor 8 million pixels and a long battery life. " False , "says the site iGeneration that predicts an output in March-April, at the same time as its predecessors, and crippled the launch of two models. But the real innovation of the Apple TV would be 2012. With a screen manufactured by Sharp, connected to Internet and voice-activated, the iTV could emerge in the second half of 2012. The touch pads are spreading 2012 could well be the year of the touch pads and especially the end of the hegemony of one built by Apple. According to figures from PC World , the manufacturers of the iPad competitors have sold a total of one million tablets in 2011, while the firm at the apple has passed 11 million in the last quarter. But this quasi-monopoly may not last. Placing on the market November 14, 2011, the tablet of Fire Amazon Kindle has sold one million copies in just one week after its release. Products from Asus, Samsung and Motorola are also now equipped to provide shade to the iPad. Finland's Nokia should also develop its own in 2012 tablet running Windows 8, the new operating system from Microsoft, whose trial is expected in February. June was discussed. Especially on the side of Google as the main threat to Apple could come. In an interview with Italian daily Corriere della Sera in December 2011, the executive chairman of Google Eric Schmidt announced the launch of a high quality product to compete with the iPad. Already described as "iPad killer" (iPad killer), this new device could be marketed within the next six months. Facebook goes public " This will be the biggest financial event of the year in the world of high- tech , "warns Josh Bernoff, an analyst at Forrester Research, quoted by the daily Le Progres . Facebook has become the fantasy of traders. Mark Zuckerberg's baby continues its meteoric rise, despite the appearance of Google + end of June 2011. With a new design and with almost one billion users, the social network should do its IPO in 2012. Originally announced in the spring, it might eventually be delayed at the end of the year. The site hopes to raise $ 10 billion for a valuation estimated at over $ 100 billion. The manufacturers rely on "ultrabooks" These are laptops lighter for a few millimeters, more powerful but also more expensive (around 1 000), modeled on the Macbook Air from Apple. After Acer in October 2011 and HP in November, computer manufacturers have launched one after the other in trade ultrabooks. Giant Intel is also placed in the race for innovation and plans to release a series of machines. More than 50 ultrabooks must be presented at the International Consumer Electronics Show (from January 10 to 13), the largest trade show dedicated to high-tech world. Smartphones equip themselves with flexible screen in 2011, and Nokia Samsung announced the creation of study-screen smartphones flexible. If the Korean manufacturer is still in the imagination, Nokia has already shown a prototype. Malleable, so it is conducive to the addition of specific functions, but also stronger. However, the device presented by Nokia can not yet be described as smartphone is equipped with microphone and speaker, let alone a camera and GPS sensor. But the Finn seems to be on track.


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