Oct 30, 2012

Google introduces three new mobile devices

The American group Google introduced on monday 29 Obtober, a series of Nexus devices in its range. Every six with a new terminal "Nexus" desgined in close collaboration with manufacturer. For this edition, the formula changes slightly. The presentation of machinery - smartphone and two tablets - was originally to have in New York, but the press conference was canceled due to the hurricane Sandy.

For its new smartphone, called Nexus 4, and with a quad-core processor, the group search engine works this time with a new manufacturer, the South Korean LG. The previous unit range, the Galaxy Nexus , was designed in partnership with Samsung . One of the main novelties of this smartphone, very similar in appearance Galaxy Nexus is the wireless charging in from a dock.
This method of loading had already been included in the Palm Pre in 2010, running WebOS, which has not met with success. More recently, the latest range of smartphones Nokia Lumia introduced this feature for Windows Phone 8.

With Nexus, Google also continues its offensive on the tablet market, especially in the segment of 7-inch screens. A week after the launch of the iPad mini Apple, Google takes a stand in the war of tablets price, offering versions with 16 and 32 gigabytes of storage for 200 and 250 euros respectively, against 339 euros for the iPad Mini Apple 16GB. Google takes up the aggressive strategy of online retailer Amazon , which also began selling a new version of its Kindle Fire. Apple remains the market leader, and represented the end of 2011, more than 60% of the tablet sector Touch.

When the Nexus 7 was launched in late August, it was a very perfectible tablet.One of the goals of Google was showing the way for manufacturers by creating a terminal Android flagship, incomplete. With greater storage capacity and support for mobile networks, the object passes here at the stage of full commercial purpose, in competition with other manufacturers .
The latest tablet made ​​by Google in collaboration with Samsung, wants upscale.Nexus 10 is distinguished by its resolution of 2560 × 1600. In this area, Google will however in direct opposition with the i Pad Apple , but also space, launched by Microsoft .

These terminals welcome Android 4.2, a new version of Google's mobile system, six months after the introduction of the previous one. If they do not justify a new "code name" as Ice Cream Sandwich for Android 4.0 and Jelly Bean for Android 4.1, new features in this version are clearly visible.
Google introduces the management of multiple user accounts in the manner of office systems like Windows. A new keyboard, with writing by gesture, is also in the game. This method was then writing an argument of Samsung devices, which were the only ones to offer , with the Swype keyboard. Finally, Google introduced panoramas photo "3D" for photographs at 360 °, in the manner of Google Street View.
This fall in prices under the banner Nexus is a new proof of the difficulties of Google to exercise control over the Android handset manufacturers. They can use the system without control mobile content and enjoy the company - via Google Play - to few constraints. With Nexus, Google plays its weight to requiremanufacturers to get new terminals at low cost, with the support of the entire company and its brand.


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