Feb 15, 2013

HTC M7 / HTC ONE Release Date

HTC M7  Another monster smartphone.  You may just be right as word continues to spread about the HTC M7 - although the volume of reports from various sources make it likely it will be called the HTC One.
The HTC One X and One X+ look to be on their way out at the top of the Taiwanese firm's tree, with the HTC One the hotly-tipped successor.
HTC is looking to break the dominance enjoyed by Samsung and Apple over the past year and recapture the success it had with the original Desire.

HTC M7 / HTC One name

In case you're confused: the HTC M7 and the HTC are one and the same thing; at least, according to the rumour mill. Here's why:
Although not officially announced, HTC boss Peter Chou has already flashed us the M7 briefly during an appearance at the firm's end of year party in Taipei.


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